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NYC Housing Development Corp

As the nation’s #1 financer of local affordable housing, HDC needed something beyond the standard facts-and-figures annual reports. It had to impress shareholders not only with results, but with the seriousness of its mission—and its ability to touch lives.+ Read More

Giving their message a lasting foundation.

What needed to come out was the story: how HDC was a driving force for economic growth, neighborhood revitalization, new starts. So we created a narrative framework, one that celebrated a common theme of change—like “Preservation” or “Eco-logical”—and could be adapted year after year. “Transformation,” for instance, told its story at a glance, juxtaposing images of embattled neighborhoods in the '70s with those same neighborhoods today—renewed, green, a place to call home.

From the reports, a wealth of positive developments.

Not only has HDC been thrilled with the results, but the annuals have earned an array of design awards over the years.

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