And so is incredible attention to detail. That’s why, along with instinct and experience, we apply a rigorous process to every communications challenge, beginning with a study of your brand, inside and out.

We find answers to the questions you’ve asked—and those you may not have thought of—to understand your business, and brand, from your viewpoint, your audience’s, and the world’s. Then we look to the external, diving deep into your market and competitors to single out opportunities.

Getting to the heart of your business goals, obstacles, and potential is what we do best, and have done since we founded Bartley & Dick in 2000. From those raw materials (and many caffeinated hours), we fashion solutions that build awareness, generate revenue, and create preference. And most importantly, get results beyond expectations.

Another part of our process? Working hard to make yours easier. And we hope, more enjoyable. We welcome your calls. Value your ideas. Meet your deadlines and stick to your budgets. That’s because a trusted, collaborative relationship is critical to creating the very best work, ensuring your brand’s success.

Scott Bartley


It takes intense curiosity and commitment. A willingness to go deep to find answers. The ability to thrive under pressure. And years of work to master. We’re talking about SCUBA, but diving around the globe is Scott’s second claim to fame: those same attributes have made him a one-of-a-kind strategist and creative director.

As a founding partner of Bartley & Dick, Scott has explored myriad worlds—for clients as varied as AMC Networks, The BBC, Federal Reserve Bank, Timberland and Microsoft—and always come up with gold: hundreds of effective, influential and award-winning campaigns.

He’s created immersive brand experiences in more diverse environments than most, to say the least: from beer and liquor to classical music. Affordable housing to French pastries. Dancing celebrities to Masters’ degrees. Baby apps. Global news. Live music… (You get the idea.)

It’s what comes of nearly three decades of diligence and dues-paying: journeying from D.J. Moore Advertising in Albany to Winstanley Associates in MA; then to New York City agencies Hammond Farrell Advertising, Biederman Kelly Krimstein & Partners, and Seiter and Miller Advertising. All before diving into his last, best role.

Rick Biolsi


Rick believes in having a goal, and getting there by the most creative means necessary. Whether it’s a finish line 26.2 miles away, a desert 5,000 miles away, or breakthrough advertising concepts—the most elusive goal—he’s the guy to get you there.

His own journey began early, with a childhood love of drawing and all things design that led him to an MFA in Illustration and Graphic Design from the University of Bridgeport. From there, he became a designer for Musselman Advertising in Allentown, PA, and later, senior art director for Connecticut-based Doug Ely Design Group, where he made a name solving design challenges for Smith Corona, Remy Amerique and Ricoh.

As senior art director for NYC-based EastWest Creative, he expanded both reach and reputation on brands including Post Cereals, Listerine, Lysol and Jell-O. He mastered mediums from print and POS to broadcast and interactive. He won a slew of industry accolades. For inspiration, he drew naked people.

Today, he’s founding partner and design director at Bartley & Dick—goal achieved. Now he’s able to help others—like EPIX/MTV, BBC America, International Delights, and NYC Housing Development Corporation—achieve their goals, with total versatility, strategic insight and brilliant creative.

Mike Woronuk


You might say that Mike is on a lifelong quest to build a better mousetrap. It may be because inventing and engineering run in the family, or simply that he has a perpetual drive toward the better, smarter and more impactful. It’s how he became a black belt, a competitive volleyball player, and a miracle worker for clients.

In 2009, having earned his degree in International Business and Marketing at the University of Alberta, he left Canada for Latin America and a chance to do some real innovating: from designing an account management system from scratch to creating SKY Brasil’s most successful partnership campaign ever. Next, from London, he helped BBC News break into the U.S. (working, for the first time, with Bartley & Dick); the network’s TV distribution here grew by 600%.

His trailblazing led him to NYC in 2014, where he brought his strategic insight and marketing savvy to, in turn, Canadian startups (as Digital Tech & VC Trade Commissioner); Scotiabank’s international & digital operations; and an emerging LGBT healthcare platform.

Now at Bartley and Dick, he’s still building: relationships, benchmarks, strategy, solutions. He helps clients find answers (even to the questions they didn’t know to ask) and forge a creative partnership with the agency that builds better, smarter, more impactful brands.

Gayle Gaddis


Gayle believes that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single word. That a well-crafted message has the power to create a connection and an impact. So after a quarter century of perfecting words, she’s very well traveled.

Her wordlust began at a very young age with some very bad poetry, but found more constructive outlets. With an English degree from Williams College, she hit New York, writing first at McGraw-Hill, then at ViA Marketing & Design, creating brand strategy, concepts and killer copy for clients as varied as The Limited, Fraser Papers and Englewood Hospital.

After 4+ years as senior writer at Aveda, she ultimately took her show on the road, working independently for clients from Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Johnson & Johnson to UnitedHealth Group, Yahoo! and Victoria’s Secret Beauty. From product naming to print ads to targeted web copy, whatever the medium, she’s mastered the message.

With Bartley & Dick—working for clients like BBC America, POMCO Group and MASA Israel—she’s found kindred creative spirits: passionate, versatile professionals on a perpetual quest to get it right.

Sai Sumar


Ask Sai what defines her and she’ll answer with three things: cats, the color green, and food. But talk with her, and more definitive things emerge: a keen strategic mind, eager to explore the anatomy of a brand; a natural versatility that lets her leap between specialties with feline prowess; and a curious spirit that constantly hungers for new ideas.

Her journey to us began with a love of food. While getting her BA at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study — she graduated summa cum laude in 2015 — a professor suggested she might make a career out of food. A whirlwind decade followed, moving between NYC, Shanghai, and her native Toronto. She went from honing knife skills at a butcher’s shop to wielding words as a food journalist and copywriter. Then, she transitioned into marketing and brand management for Label 428, a food creative agency whose clients included Dominos Canada, Grace Foods, and Mary Brown’s Chicken.

While food had taken her far, she was looking for a fuller plate. An opportunity to bring more to the table, from strategizing and brand building, to joining a collaborative communications brain trust, to “coming up with cool sh*t.” All of which is smack dab in Bartley & Dick territory — where she has been since early 2022, probably eating a burger and wearing green.

Dave Mercier


What do heavy metal bands and award-winning design have in common? Well, Dave. In fact, you might say that Iron Maiden launched his career — that his colossal technical skill, versatile, experimental riffs, and ability to consistently bring it year after year were inspired by the same attributes in the band. Though in reality, it was their album covers.

Dave was first turned on to serious drawing by the cover art on ‘70s and ‘80s albums: the music was great, but the visuals were better. (Just like his pen was mightier than his axe.) Fast forward to The College of Saint Rose — where he and founder Scott missed each other by this much — and his illustration skills morphed into a Graphic Design BS and his first design gig at upstate agency Fairbrother & Co.

From there, he just kept rocking, joining boutique agencies specializing, in turn, in New York State PR, technology, higher ed and healthcare — building both his keen client instincts and the prodigious skills for which he won Addy Awards, a PRSA Empire Award, and multiple healthcare advertising honors.

Ultimately lured away from his own design work to join Bartley & Dick in January 2022, Dave excels at laying down amazing design tracks, crushing it in strategy sessions, and always, always giving the audience what they want.

Emily Paulsen


Emily is naturally intuitive about “why people behave the way they do”. That’s probably because she just “gets it”, chiefly by putting value where value is due. Not on things, but on relationships. On experiences. On “using my powers for good.” And she’s been doing hell of a lot of good here at Bartley & Dick since 2019.

Emily pursued communications and advertising (with a sociology minor) at Boston University, earning her B.S. in 2014. That led her to account management at KHJ Brand Activation, where she discovered her superpower: managing relationships and delivering results. (Ask her about clients who start digital ad campaigns full of doubt, only to triple ad spending once they start reaping the rewards.)

And why digital? Well, understanding that the internet is really just a world of virtual relationships — where people behave and are motivated differently — she had found her calling. Maturing her SEO, SEM, and paid media skillset at a series of boutique agencies, she ultimately blazed her own trail (as any good superhero would): consulting on client-centric digital strategies that build and strengthen consumer relationships. At B&D, she’s done it for Juneberry Ridge, Tegria, and the New Jersey Theater Alliance, to name a few — all of which just happen to have built their brand on experiences, not things.