Cortiva Institute

It takes a certain kind of person to become a massage therapist: One who’s caring. Who connects. Who wants to help people. It’s not just a job; it’s personal. So why would you train at a school that felt impersonal? The problem for Cortiva’s network of massage schools was not authenticity or outcomes—it was perception. With more than a dozen schools (and growing), Cortiva had the feel of a faceless corporation, not a high-touch learning environment.

A hands-on approach to connecting with students.

To show the true nature of Cortiva—an intimate and inspiring place to learn—there was virtually no aspect of the brand we didn’t touch. A new logo modernized and softened their signature, while bringing consistency to new schools just acquired. A friendlier, more personal voice invited students to connect with Cortiva over shared aspirations and values. Every possible touchpoint was transformed: a network of websites, billboards, print, mobile, video, even the interiors and uniforms of each location.

As with a good massage, the brand felt entirely renewed.