The Jackie Robinson Foundation

The 100th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s birth is a teachable moment not to be missed. Yet when the JRF wanted to create a school resource guide based on his life and legacy, it posed a challenge: how to communicate the scope of his rich heritage—in print—to 12- and 15-year-olds?

A home run in the classroom.

It was a matter of engaging: creating a tone and style as energetic and aspirational as the game Jackie dominated. We transformed the timeline of his life into a visual narrative—a dotted line through the book served as an almost literal connecting thread—ending in discussion questions. (The recap.) In dynamic color, punctuated by bold callouts and quotes, the guide had the feel of an interactive exhibit—a purposeful nod to the JRF museum whose opening it announced. Capping it all: a discounted museum pass and a pull-out poster designed to inspire: “To change the game, you have to step up to the plate.”