- GE Powerful Ideas

It’s a tall order to land a seven figure sponsorship based on a napkin drawing alone. To help the BBC’s pitch come to life we crafted short concept videos to arm sales execs with compelling visuals and ultimately land a major account with General Electric. The pitch centered on producing a new web series called #Powerfulideas that would share GE’s ethos, “bringing good things to life”, with the world through world-class journalism on

Putting big ideas in motion.

In a dynamic video series, bold images and effects converge to show power moving forward—from a hydro-plant to the rapids that supply it, from windmills to the rush of air from a speeding electric train. The concept? Progress moves at the speed of thought and it’s powerful ideas that can move the world. And at the end of each video, literal WOW factor: each iconic closing image morphs into the word “wow”—paired with the full sales pitch, they added the right amount of creative energy to get GE excited about investing in the series to come.