New parenthood is an emotional rollercoaster: joy, worry, hilarity, frustration, love. Yet despite their passion to help parents digitally chronicle the experience, Tinybeans was still promoting features, not feelings. Their focus on the technical innovations of the app left their message out of sync with their mission.

Getting to the heart of the brand.

The answer was as plain as the crayon on the wall: lead with emotion. We developed new brand positioning, voice and visual vocabulary that celebrated and magnified the intimate, individual moments parents share with their children—the highs, lows and all the in-betweens. In video and other digital media, we turned the authenticity and immediacy of the experience into emotional storytelling, where parents became “superheroes,” “gatekeepers” and “the cleanup crew,” and images became close-ups, with all the warmth and color of the moment. The moral of the story? “Cherish what matters most.”