Jackie Robinson Museum


At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, we all needed reasons to celebrate. What better than Jackie Robinson Day to remind us how strong, resilient and impactful a person can be? Yet on April 15th there was no way 1,500 students could gather at a ballfield for an event. The solution, as with everything, had to be virtual—and in two weeks.

Covering all the bases at breakneck speed.

Although the JRF had a full roster of educational resources, most were meant to be shared hands-on. It was our job to turn those art projects, worksheets, games, videos and more into an online experience that engaged as if live. So we did: Look and feel. Site architecture. Design and layout. Programming. Testing. Launch. All within 14 days.

With the pressure on, we hit it out of the park.

8b8d09Not only did the day arrive with fanfare intact, but its message made it to a much larger crowd: rather than a few thousand at disconnected ballparks, the learning site and social media reached (and connected) nearly 2 million people countrywide. And in the process, showed the kind of resolve under pressure that businesses need to move forward in a crisis—and to do Jackie Robinson proud.