Brand Strategy
By Rick Biolsi

Could Your Brand Stand to Lose a Few?

We know a guy named Mitch (that’s not his real name, but we didn’t want Gary to know we’re writing about him).

Mitch hadn’t been feeling great. He frequently complained about low energy and a lack of focus.

You probably know a guy like him. Works late. Lives on takeout. Rarely exercises. Deals with a bad back.

Mitch finally set a goal to get into shape and achieve Total Overall Wellness.

He set out to look better, feel better, and have more energy to get the most out of life.

Mitch knew that diet was a very important aspect of total wellness, so he went to a specialist. A nutritionist that his sister recommended.

The nutritionist put Mitch on a strict 1,200-calorie/day vegan diet to lose fat and maintain a healthy body weight.

It was a challenge, but Mitch stuck with it and lost 25 pounds. Good for Mitch, right?

Sure, but the weight loss left him feeling weak and looking a little scrawny.

So Mitch set out to remedy that. He remembered hearing about new and improved weight training techniques and the impact they can have on overall wellness.

Mitch, being a perfectionist, again sought out a specialist and met with a highly regarded  personal trainer.

The trainer suggested a well-planned training regimen to whip Mitch into shape, add needed muscle, and look and feel stronger.

Mitch lifted weights four times a week. But since he wasn’t taking in enough calories to fuel his workouts, the heavy lifting left him exhausted.

Mitch’s friend Vince, who always had tons of energy, strongly recommended that Mitch start jogging to fix that always-tired feeling.

Between his day-to-day responsibilities, preparing his healthy vegan meals, and going to the gym—not to mention meeting every morning with his yoga specialist—Yogi Paramahans—Mitch barely had the time to run, but he was committed to his goal.

So, Mitch went online and found The City’s most notable running specialists, joined their club, and plunked down $150 for running shoes.

And on it went. Mitch was on a never-ending treadmill (and an actual treadmill too, by the way). After almost a year of hard work and dedication, Mitch was frustrated and confused.

What was he doing wrong?

He’d been working with lots of smart specialists—including a nutritionist, trainers, coaches, and yogis—and not only was he not getting the results he wanted, he was overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted.

Should he be spending more time at the gym? Taking in more calories? More stretching? Should he explore sports and fitness apps? Find cutting-edge classes?

The truth is, there are so many aspects/specialties involved in Total Overall Wellness, you actually need a singular specialist that understands the entire landscape and can guide you in determining what will work best for your specific goals.

It takes the right combinations; knowing how to prevent overlap or conflict, setting realistic expectations, and making sure to not spread any one aspect too thin or too thick.

Interestingly, Mitch embraces this concept when it comes to marketing his business.

Each year he has specific sales goals he wants to reach, and he knows that means he’ll need a combination of powerful branding, smart advertising campaigns, a SEM strategy, a flawless e-commerce site, brand videos, email marketing, SEO tactics… and who knows what else will pop up.

Rather than reaching out to an individual specialist for each one of his needs, he trusts Bartley & Dick to develop an integrated approach for achieving Total Brand Wellness.

We start by thoroughly understanding big picture goals, determining the most effective strategies and tactics needed, and then pull together the right B&D team specialists to work together and accomplish each aspect for brand success. You might say we specialize in specialization.

Mitch is gonna keep working on his health regimen. But at least he sleeps well at night, knowing his brand and business communications are in great shape.

Yours can be too.

Your goals are in sight, we'd be glad to help you reach them.

Congrats, now you're a B&D VIP! We'll be in touch soon.

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