By Scott Bartley

Want to Enhance Your Branding and Your Bottom Line? Don’t Pick Tony.

You move to a new neighborhood and walk into a barbershop. Two chairs, two barbers, no waiting. In unison, Tommy and Tony greet you and say, “You’re next.” 

Who to pick?

It’s simple; you need to go with the barber with the lousier haircut. 


Because that barber got his haircut from the other guy (whose hair looks great). You don’t want the first guy, because the barber with the crappy haircut is obviously the superior tonsorial expert.

At Bartley & Dick, we don’t cut hair. But we do provide cutting-edge brand strategy work for a dynamic range of national and international clients. With a skill as deft as that extremely clever turn of phrase, we assist major brands with advertising, identity design, digital marketing, and so much more. We’ve helped craft countless brand stories that have been utterly compelling and universally admired.

And yet, sadly, we’ve seldom taken the time to share our own stories. Like the barber with the lousy haircut (it was Tommy, by the way), we’ve been content to communicate for others, toiling away in the unspoken shadows, bloglessly.

But no more. 

We’ve had enough of merely doing unto others, and we’re ready to do unto ourselves. We’ve embraced many smart concepts, and we know a whole bunch of interesting words. And now, we’re ready to arrange those words on a regular basis to inform, enlighten, and entertain.

We are dedicated to generating a bi-weekly blog (See? Unlike 67% of agencies, we know the difference between bi-weekly and bi-monthly). So look to this space for fun, facts, figures, and a lot of other things that don’t start with f.

By the way, if you’re thinking that we’re gonna be so busy writing these diatribes that we might not have time for your creative and marketing needs, well, that’s just crazy talk. Rest assured that we’ll always be here for you, night or day, rain or shine, come hell or high water. Need some brand strategy and positioning? We’ll drop this self-imposed time-sucker like a hot potato to help you out. Looking for some video and animation? You’ll instantly hear us say three words: “Blog? What blog?”

‘Cause while it’s absolutely true that we are dedicated to this ongoing series of fun-to-read features, it’s even truerer that we’re far more dedicated to our clients. Your deadlines will always take priority over our own. And yet…

…you have our word that somehow, there will be a new blog every two weeks–even if it means we occasionally have to stay in the office past 4:57 PM to get it done. So, stay tuned for future editions of this potentially excellent discourse. We can’t wait to write them. And we can’t wait for you to read them.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day. And by the way, we should have said it before…

…your hair looks terrific. 

PS: There’s a lot of content marketing and brand strategy resources out there. If you want to read more, we really like this 11 minute read by Hubspot: Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide.

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