Say you want to promote a premium entertainment network. It’s an oversaturated market. So how does a lesser-known become a known? You go big. Big movies. Big music. Big comedy. Even the name says big. So you better have a pretty sizeable marketing strategy to back it up.

Creating a campaign as epic as its namesake.

It had to be massive: not just online media, but a torrent of it, from email blasts to ubiquitous banner ads. Not just outdoor signage, but giant billboards in the largest venue we could find, Times Square. The words said ‘we get the biggest shows first,’ but the design said even more: with bold, oversized type; images that dominate—almost defy—the space that they’re in; and a powerful contrasting palette that refused to be ignored.

With throngs of viewers tuning into their preview week, it was a big hit indeed.