It was a modest business with a larger-than-life idea: mobile book fairs that made reading infinitely more affordable and accessible at any age; inspired children to believe in the power of books; and gave back to organizations that save and improve lives. All the elements of a great story were there; Billy just needed help telling it.

A new brand that spoke volumes.

We started, essentially, with a blank page, and created a brand that not only told BillyBooks!’ story, but made it a delightful page-turner—complete with hero and storybook ending. Reimagining reading as a superpower—one strong enough to shape futures and move the world—we created an illustrated superhero, a fun, colorful embodiment of all the good that BillyBooks! could do. Partnering him with a new logo and tagline that spoke to potential, positivity and play, we spread the word far and wide: across Billy’s first-ever website, event banners and posters, business cards, branded accessories and more. The Cliffs Notes version? BillyBooks! was “saving the world, one book at a time.”