Kings of Cole

In the fashion world, Kings of Cole was a small name with a big idea: casualwear with class, luxe style you’ll want to live in. It’s a brash concept, in a world where comfort and style don’t usually mix, and it called for a brash image—not the quietly cool persona they had been showing.

Giving their brand the royal treatment

Our mission was clear: build on their name and blow out their attitude. Beginning with their new tagline—Live Royal—we created a cohesive brand image around the idea of living like a king: comfortably, confidently, as the ruler of your own world. Online, in banner ads, in email blasts and more, we took the royal idea to its utmost, turning everyday opportunities to wear Kings of Cole into playful examples of royal behavior: perched atop a tour bus? “Survey Your Kingdom.” Pet need discipline? “Rule with an Iron Fist.” With a newly consistent, assured point of view, it became a brand worthy of its followers.

And by the response they’ve been getting, they wear it well.