Masa Israel Journey

Talk about a noble mission: Masa Israel helps students and graduates find internships and teaching or volunteering programs in Israel. Ask anyone who’s been; it’s a transformative experience for your resume, your world-view, and your connection to Jewish heritage. But try attracting college kids with nobility. The group needed targeted outreach that spoke students’ language.

Making Israel a personalized—and spirited—experience.

Targeting 12 of the biggest U.S. universities—those with large Jewish populations—we created an immersive, campus-specific campaign that asked “How far will you go?” To get students’ attention, we made it personal: “Hey Buckeye” to Ohio State, and “Hey Wildcat” to Northwestern. Copy harnessed school spirit, talking to the specific strengths of each school—and how Israel could make them even stronger. Online, in print, and on campus (literally on t-shirts, frisbees and more), we asked the question. To which the answer was always “Go further in Israel.”

Boosting student interest, the campaign opened new horizons.