Oven Delights

Already a ubiquitous name in local baked goods, International Delights needed a way to distinguish, and elevate, its various lines. Oven Delights—its prepackaged, “everyday delicious” line—was everywhere in the tri-state area, but its image was generic and, well, unappetizing.

A handcrafted identity, the recipe for success.

By evoking associations with a beloved local bakery or home-baked treats, we crafted an identity to awake nostalgia—and cravings. First, a logo that was part baker’s hat, part fresh-baked muffin, and branded “Baked Perfection.” Then color-coded packaging to distinguish each kind of pastry. The icing on the identity? Colorful, lively illustrations of star ingredients—almonds, chocolate, strawberries and cream—that spoke to the attention to detail in their baking. Across packaging, sell sheets and more, a delicious display.

The result? Sales rose overnight.