Jackie Robinson Museum

Comprehensive campaign exceeds the Jackie Robinson Museum’s first-year expectations


  • The Museum, whose launch was imminent, required an inspiring brand identity
  • As part of its mission to educate broadly, the Foundation needed a way to promote
    the Museum beyond New York City
  • The museum was a major financial investment and needed to ramp awareness quickly
    and effectively to create engagement for donations, memberships, and ticket sales 


  • Brand identity to establish a consistent and powerful look to match Jackie’s legacy
  • A robust and engaging museum website including original photography and video
  • Outreach campaign to schools, education influencers, and teachers
  • Marketing including: Social, transit, digital advertising, email campaign, newsletter


A fully cohesive and integrated brand experience across all touchpoints built brand recognition
and awareness

  • First-year visits to the museum exceeded expectations
  • School visits increased dramatically