A truly artisan, fresh-baked pastry line, iDelights was designed to serve high-end clients, from fine hotels to high-powered business events. It’s a discerning audience, one for which credibility and the highest quality are vital. iDelights had the latter—with taste that told its own story—but with no website, was missing a key ingredient for the former.

Capturing aroma, feel, taste—and preference.

Bottom line, pastry is a sensory experience. So the first priority for the new website was to invoke the senses. With bold, vivid, up-close photography of the pastries themselves—perfectly gooey, buttery, flaky—the design practically dared the viewer to resist. Wrapped in rich colors that invoked the artistry of old-world ovens, the site told the products’ story intimately: Their outstanding ingredients. The rigorous standards and unusual care with which they’re made. And most of all, flavor worthy of any palate.