The College of Saint Rose

Saint Rose is the most remarkable place you’ve never heard of. Unless you’re in the Albany region, the school was likely off your radar, despite an incredibly broad, current curriculum and some serious cred (“Best of”s, a 96% job placement rate, etc.) And those who did know it had some outdated ideas.

Inspiring minds (and hearts) to look closer.

This one was personal. Knowing first-hand the value and truly unique environment of the College, we designed a fresh new look and feel—in advertising, collateral, web and more—that told the real story. Bright, active imagery supported new, double-meaning messaging: “Home. Of Big Ideas” or “Home. Of Real-world Results” paired with solid statistics to convey both the at-home feeling of the school and its ability to shape futures. The message was clear: “There’s no place like Saint Rose.”