International Delights

Talk about dough rising. Pastry maker International Delights had risen from a small bakery in Greenwich Village to the leading pastry provider in the New York region. From two ovens had emerged five distinct brands—each as delicious and meticulously crafted as the last. But their website bore none of the signs of that craftsmanship, and worse, no sign of the passion, precision and true love of dough that drove them.

From half-baked to fully realized.

Starting from scratch, we created a new site worthy of the brands behind it, one that not only established International Delights as a unified family of brands, but as an innovator and standard bearer—while making their story as delicious as their products. Bold colors spoke to both innovation and accessibility; large-scale, beautiful photography showcased their artistry—and made the mouth water.

It was a perfect enticement for new customers.